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Volunteer (TA) Drill Hall

Volunteer Drill Hall 1896
Volunteer Drill Hall 1896

This hall, which is 100 feet long by 50 feet wide, is certainly more useful than ornamental. It is in contemplation, however, to provide a hall more commensurate with the importance of the objects to which it is dedicated. The entrance to the hall is flanked by two cannons, which were captured at Sebastopol. The commanding officer of the local volunteers is Sir Thomas Glen-Coats, Bart.; and his Paisley battalion Numbers 25 officers, 45 sergeants, and 644- rank and file, in all 714 men.

From the 1896 guide to Paisley published by J & R Parlane

Those who are familiar with the building may realise the image above does not represent the TA Drill Hall that stands today. The construction date of the earlier building is unknown, and the Buildings at Risk register suggests that the current building was constructed in 1896 by architect T G Abercrombie. We would suggest that the Building of the present TA Drill Hall is slightly later than the date given, as the 1896 Guide to Paisley does not mention proposals for a new Hall or accommodation, and it is quite common in the book to talk about the proposals for new buildings and illustrations for them were provided by the architects.

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