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From the Cottage to the Castle

From the Cottage to the Castle

Andrew Coats 1887

From the Cottage to the Castle was published privately by Andrew Coats in 1887 telling the history of the family and the story of the growth of J & P Coats, cotton thread manufactures in Paisley Scotland.

“If the following sketch should fall into the hands of a single member of a future generation who has a curiosity to know what sort of people he is sprung from, it will have accomplished a useful end. If he is proud, it may humble him. If he is humble, it may encourage him.”

Paperback & Ebook both £12.99 on Amazon

Paperback https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cottage-Castle-Andrew-Coats/dp/B08X65NPDZ

Ebook https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cottage-Castle-Andrew-Coats-ebook/dp/B08X9PDFKP

The volume contains 104 pages with 20 black & white illustrations along with many stories about the growth of the company at home and in America.

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