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All Heritage Walks/ Talks and other services are currently suspended due to illness.

Paisley 1689


We provide numerous services to tell the story of Paisley & Renfrewshire

Local History Talks

History talks take place on a regular basis on a variety of topics. Locations of the talks can vary and will provided in the advertising for each talk. The talks last 2 hours.

We can also provide talks to local society and other service providers – though talks for service providers will attract a charge based on our hourly fee.

Heritage Walking Tours

History Cafes

History Cafes are a time for interested people to come together to discuss local history. Normally there is no set topic, and we meet in a local coffee shop for around 1.5 hours.

Genealogy Research

We provide genealogical/ family history research services through Renfrewshire Ancestors. Please follow the link for further information.

Heritage Consultancy

We can provide research services tailored to your needs. We can carry out research anywhere in Scotland, based on your requirements. Typical projects can range from the history of individual properties, local areas or specific industries within a village or town. We can provide services from half a day through to long-term projects. Recent research work has included tracing the ownership of a local Paisley firm over the last 200 years. Please see archaeologyit.co.uk/historical-research/ for more details.

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