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Taits Directory of Renfrewshire 1783

Taits Directory of Renfrewshire 1783

Tait’s Directory of Renfrewshire was originally published in 1783 by John Tait, Stationer in the High Street of Glasgow. This was the very first directory for Paisley and parts of Renfrewshire containing names and places of work of the gentry, clergy, merchants, mechanics and many others. It was reprinted in 1871 by Robert Forrester of Glasgow, from the only copy in existence owned by the estate of Adam Sim, Esq of Cultermains who recognised its significance. Even today the volume is scarce but of use to historians and genealogists. For Paisley and Greenock the name, nature of business and the address of each person is given. For Port-Glasgow only name and nature of business was provided.

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